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Just two weeks from the start of NFL training camps,Victor Cruz Jersey King Sport chugging ever nearer, the news on Brady doesn't figure to shift the power paradigm in the AFC East.Julian Edelman Jersey This 19-month saga might not be over yet, with a final appeal to the U.Matthew Stafford JerseyS. Supreme Court still a theoretical possibility for Brady,Kelvin Benjamin Jersey although the plain absurdity of that makes us wish very hard the franchise not used to losing might finally accept its legal defeat and move on. Imagine this loony case reaching the nine eight at the moment Supreme Court justices?Joe Flacco Jersey Consider the five cases the highest of all courts heard in 2016. They involved women's health,Jameis Winston Jersey a landmark challenge to affirmative action, a president's authority on immigration,Jadeveon Clowney Jersey voting districts and birth-control mandates. There is so much doubt,Brandon Marshall Jersey though, hardened like the scab that leaves the scar.Ndamukong Suh Jersey Just this week, ESPN.Andrew Luck Jerseycom ranked all 32 NFL teams based on who's in the best shape for the next three seasons. The five categories factored were quarterback, remaining roster, drafting, front office and coaching. The Dolphins were ranked 29th overall. That broad perception of the Dolphins still rutted in mediocrity will be there until the team wins its way out of it. Tom Brady missing four games won't matter. No outside help will. Miami changing perceptions and redefining itself is all on the Dolphins.